Winter 8K

Credits Producer, Director of Photography, Editor, Colorist Music: Bytheway-May, “Semantic” Sound Design: Doug May Production Company: Cook Filmworks Winter in Utah Want to know the coolest thing about this video? I didn’t have to drive more than 30 minutes from my home to capture any part of it. I ❤ UTAH. But that doesn’t mean this was [...]

Every Word a Victory

Credits Director, Producer, Director of Photography, Editor, Mixer, Colorist Writer: Amanda Cook Music: Bytheway-May One Word at a Time My wife Amanda and I made this video about her pursuit of writing while being a full time stay-at-home mom and part-time voice over artist. She wrote the video (of course) and I took care of the rest. This [...]

Cookies 8K

Credits Writer, Director, Producer, Director of Photography, Editor, Mixer, Colorist Music: Bytheway-May The Most Time Consuming Batch of Cookies of All Time It took pretty much two full days to film this snappy little video. It may seem like a simple process to make cookies, but it takes FOREVER when filming it with a probe lens (which doesn’t [...]

Kilauea Volcano 6K

Credits Producer, Director of Photography, Editor, Colorist Music: Bytheway-May Production Company: Cook Filmworks Elemental Power This was one of the most thrilling shoots I've ever been on. Right up there with filming people base jumping out of hot air balloons (from another hot air balloon). To see the raw power of nature up close and personal [...]

BYU Living Legends

Credits Concept, Director, Producer, Editor, VFX, Colorist Producers: Jared Cardon, Jeff Parkin Director of Photography: A. Todd Smith B Camera Operator: Jordan Harker Key Grip / 1st AC: Gabe Casdorph PA / Playback: Doug May Music: Red Skin Girl by Northern Cree Production Company: Western Lights Client: Brigham Young University Dancing with Hoops This was my favorite [...]

Birds 8K

Credits Director of Photography, Editor, Colorist Production Company: Heck Producer, Director: Phillip Goodwin Music: Bytheway-May Birds Are Awesome There's no feeling like getting up at 4:30am to film birds waking up at sunrise. I love getting to focus on the amazing creatures in their element, observing their personalities, and putting some good out into the world [...]

Monterey 8K

Credits Director of Photography, Editor, Colorist Music: Bytheway-May, "Replica" Production Company: Cook Filmworks What Happens When I Bring My Camera on Vacation My wife is a champ. While we were on a much-needed vacation in California in 2019, we snuck away for a quick babymoon in Monterey without the kids. Well, I happened to bring along [...]

Odessa Ukraine 8K

Credits Director of Photography, Editor, Colorist Music: Bytheway-May, "The Anvil" Production Company: Cook Filmworks A Day in Odessa I got to spend half a day roaming Odessa, Ukraine with my buddy Doug May, and this video features some of the impressive architecture, artistry, and industry we saw around Odessa’s City Center and harbor. I wish we [...]

The Holy Land

Credits Timelapse Photography, Editing Music: Bytheway-May Production Company: Devin Super Tramp Exploring The Holy Land Devin Super Tramp is a good friend of mine, and a phenomenally talented filmmaker. I've been privileged to help out on several of his videos, including this one, where I got to explore the Holy Land (Israel and Jordan) for [...]

BYU TravelSmart

Credits Producer, Director, Director of Photography, Editor, Colorist Music & Post Sound: Bytheway-May VO Talent: Amanda Seria Client: BYU Kennedy Center Get Out There and See the World This project came with a challenge to get students excited about leaving the comforts of their daily lives on campus to see the world and spend some [...]