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Music: Bytheway-May

The Most Time Consuming Batch of Cookies of All Time

It took pretty much two full days to film this snappy little video. It may seem like a simple process to make cookies, but it takes FOREVER when filming it with a probe lens (which doesn’t let in a lot of light), lighting it to make it look like normal light (give or take), figuring out how to get the bulky RED camera to fit in tight places, and oh yeah, working around three delightful little kids running around and ‘helping’ (this was early on in the Coronavirus quarantine).

Projects like this are the best way to learn and improve your craft, and work out the technical quirks of each piece of gear. And develop an appreciation for those who are good at the genre you’re working in (food photography is no joke! Huge respect to those artists who make food photography look so good.).

Cookies 01
Cookies 04
Cookies 07
Cookies 10
Cookies 13
Cookies 17
Cookies 02
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Cookies 15
Cookies 18
Cookies 03
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