Credits Producer, Director of Photography, Editor, Colorist VO Talent: Amanda Seria Client: Keeping Your Memories Forever One-shot scenes are a lot harder to create than they may seem. This one might look like a pretty simple shot, but a lot of preparation time went into finding the right house and figuring the distance between [...]

Timelapse Around the World

Credits Timelapse Photography, Editing, Sound Design Music: Rameses B My First Timelapse Video This is the first timelapse video I compiled from my travels around the world over a couple of years. During this time, the art of timelapse photography became a passion for me, and I became fascinated with the perception of time and [...]

Bedrock Quartz

Credits Director, Producer, Director of Photography, Editor, Mixer, Colorist Production Company: Cook Filmworks Client: Bedrock Quartz The Best Quartz in Utah One of the best things about my work as a filmmaker is learning about interesting things that I wouldn't otherwise be exposed to. Seeing Bedrock Quartz in action showed me how remarkable that company is, not only [...]


Credits Director of Photography, Editor, Colorist Writer, Director, Producer, VFX: Phillip Goodwin B Camera: Jordan Harker Production Company: Phillip Goodwin Agency: Big Monocle Client: Volans-i Next Level Drone I've developed a real passion for drone flying over the last couple of years, so you can imagine how excited I was to hang out with Volans-i's [...]

Jonah at the Park

Credits Director, Director of Photography, Editor, Colorist Music: Bytheway-May The World Through A Child's Eyes In a world of social media and fast-paced, instant action and sensory overload, I've learned the power and value of taking time to slow down and smell the roses. Life is all about the little things, and taking time to [...]

An Afternoon on the Coast

Credits Director, Director of Photography, Editor, Colorist Music: Bytheway-May Nature in Slow Motion Some of my favorite projects are those where I get to just wander around and film what I think looks cool. No pressure, just pure exploration. I took along a few lenses, ditched the tripod, and didn’t let myself linger in any [...]

Addo Recovery

Credits Director of Photography Director, Producer, Editor: Phillip Goodwin Client: Addo Recovery Healing Broken Hearts This was one of the more eye-opening projects I've worked on. First, I learned just how damaging and pervasive pornography is in the USA, and particularly Utah, but more impressive is the healing that can happen with the right help. [...]

How Jeunesse Changed My Life

Credits Producer, Director, Director of Photography, Editor, Colorist Client: Jeunesse Global Making It Happen I love this guy. Jason (the man featured in this video) was so fun to spend time with around the world as we filmed this material, and he's one of those people that makes you feel better about yourself just by [...]

BYU IT Commercial

Credits Writer, Producer, Director, Editor, Colorist VO Talent: Amanda Seria Client: BYU Office of Information Technology Making A Stop-Motion Commercial At this point in my career, this was one of the more ambitious videos I had undertaken. The scope of what was involved was staggering, from the large proximity we had to film (finding a [...]

Cute Puppy Race

Credits Producer, Co-Director of Photography, Production Design, Editor Director of Photography & Colorist: Jacob Schwarz What's Cuter Than A Puppy? A Dozen of Them.