Director of Photography, Gaffer

Producers: Vanessa Winter & Joseph Winter

Writer, Director, Editor: Vanessa Winter

Cast: Melanie Stone & Joseph Winter

Production Audio: Emily Jacobson

Production Company: Winterspectre Entertainment

Be Careful What You Wish For

Some of the best projects are those where you just get together with some great people for an afternoon and make something fun. This was one of those. I love how energizing it is to create something simply because you want to, without any client oversight.

Vanessa Winter wrote this hilarious short scene and did a fantastic job directing and editing it as well. Truly a talented filmmaker and storyteller, who has proven to have impressive versatility in her work across a variety of genres.

And of course, Melanie and Joseph did a wonderful job bringing their characters to life. I was impressed by their skill, intuition, preparation, and dialogue behind the scenes to create some excellent nuance that builds the humor of the film in some great ways.

Almost all of my work these days is unscripted, nonfiction, or stock footage, so it’s a delight to get back in touch with my roots filming a scripted fiction scene with some great talent on every side of the camera.