Writer, Director, Producer, Director of Photography, Editor, Mixer, Colorist

Additional Cinematography, Additional Writing, Sound Mix/Design: Doug May

Music: Bytheway-May

Client: BYU Office of Information Technology

Technology is the Best

It’s so exciting to see technology truly making life better. The BYU Chem Stores’ implementation of RFID tags on hazardous chemical bottles is a genius integration of a simple, yet powerful technology. It not only cuts costs, makes inventories more accurate and quick to catalog, it makes the students handling chemicals much safer. Way to go, BYU.

I wanted to spice up the visual style of the video with some “flow-motion” transitions between shots, to help create the vibe of forward-thinking, efficiency, confidence, and pushing things ahead with technology. And also to combine timelapse and slow-motion video in the same sequences, to create the feeling that they have mastered the RFID workflow.

Huge props to Doug May for his amazing help on this video with his camera work, sound design/mix, music composition, and conceptualization. The opening sequence showing the “life of a chemical” as it arrives on campus, gets tagged, catalogued, inventoried, and used, was all his. I love working with smart people that are passionate about what they do.

BYU Chem 01
BYU Chem 14
BYU Chem 15
BYU Chem 10
BYU Chem 38
BYU Chem 30
BYU Chem 06
BYU Chem 17
BYU Chem 19
BYU Chem 21
BYU Chem 31
BYU Chem 20
BYU Chem 09
BYU Chem 16
BYU Chem 24
BYU Chem 18
BYU Chem 33
BYU Chem 11