Writer, Director, Producer, Director of Photography, Editor, Mixer, Colorist

Music: CHPTRS, Courtesy of MusicBed

Production Company: Cook Filmworks

Life is Busy for a Superhero

Resident Superhero Jonah reflects on the day-to-day routines and rigors of being Super, and the importance of passing on his legacy to a worthy sidekick.

This is one of those projects that comes together ridiculously fast because you know from the first moment what it’s going to become. That makes it my kind of project! I came up with the concept and script in less than an hour after reading an email from RØDE about their annual short film competition. I don’t usually participate in competitions like this due to a consistently full plate of work (the greatest blessing for someone in my profession), but after giving it some thought I decided to throw my hat in the ring and see what happens.

This led to me creating this docudramatic narrative based on my real-life everyday experiences with my kids. I’ve been wanting to capture some cinematic ‘home video’ clips with my kids and this project became the perfect excuse to use the tools at my disposal to make something memorable and fun. While it is a scripted dramatic piece, it is mostly true documentary in terms of capturing the kids doing what they do each day (a lot of it was me following them around while they played). The final video turned out better than I expected when I first started the project, which is the best feeling when telling a story that is truly personal.

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