Writer, Director, Producer, Director of Photography, Editor, Mixer, Colorist

Music: Riff Raff Rhythm by EvertZ, Courtesy of

A Caffeinated Promo

I love projects that challenge me to combine found stock footage with new material that I create to make a seamless video. I’m proud of how this one came together and would love to hear guesses of which shots in this video are licensed vs created. 🙂

There are three shots in this video in which I both operated camera (including pulling focus) and acted, which was pretty exciting. For example, in the shot of a guy in a blue suit (me) picking up his drink on the way to work, I was hiding the follow focus device in my bag so I could adjust the focus as the camera moved along a pre-programed slider move towards the cup. It may not seem that complicated, but trying to look natural on camera while manipulating the camera is no small feat!

Coffee 12
Coffee 06
Coffee 11
Coffee 10
Coffee 03
Coffee 08
Coffee 17
Coffee 16
Coffee 13
Coffee 07
Coffee 15
Coffee 01