Writer, Director, Producer, Director of Photography, Editor, Mixer, Colorist

Music: Bytheway-May

Client: Lilys Lights

What a Bright Idea

I love having the opportunity to showcase unique artisan work, and Lilys Lights are no exception. I have such admiration for the people that can make something like this start to finish.

This was my first project after Coronavirus hit in early 2020, so I enjoyed getting to shoot the whole thing in my own house. It was especially fun to deal with the challenge of making the night light stand out in a variety of lighting situations.

I’m particularly proud of my solution to getting the product box to spin on the table. After thinking through all the complicated ways to do it, I realized a fidget spinner was the perfect solution, and it worked like a charm!

Lilys_Lights 01
Lilys_Lights 12
Lilys_Lights 05
Lilys_Lights 07
Lilys_Lights 11
Lilys_Lights 10
Lilys_Lights 08
Lilys_Lights 03
Lilys_Lights 09
Lilys_Lights 04
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Lilys_Lights 02