Writer, Director, Producer, Director of Photography, Editor, Mixer, Colorist

Additional Cinematography & Sound Mix/Design: Doug May

Music: Bytheway-May

Client: BYU Office of Information Technology

Go Team

Having worked in and with several large organizations over the years, I’ve seen how hard it is to maximize efficiency and get an entire organization on the same page with a work methodology.

Seeing how happy and motivated these BYU OIT employees are through our interviews and down time, it’s clear that they’ve accomplished something great with their Agile transformation. Their enthusiasm is contagious and I came away from this project wanting to revamp some of my own workflows and collaborations. There’s always room to improve!

BYU Agile 02
BYU Agile 23
BYU Agile 11
BYU Agile 28
BYU Agile 14
BYU Agile 05
BYU Agile 20
BYU Agile 15
BYU Agile 08
BYU Agile 03
BYU Agile 17
BYU Agile 06
BYU Agile 27
BYU Agile 12
BYU Agile 09
BYU Agile 10
BYU Agile 07
BYU Agile 13
BYU Agile 25
BYU Agile 04
BYU Agile 21