Tikva at 20

Credits Producer, Director of Photography, Editor Director: Phillip Goodwin VO Talent: Amanda Seria Client: TIKVA Children's Home Saving Children There's nothing that hurts my heart more than children being abandoned, abused, and unloved. Which is why TIKVA Children's Home is one of my favorite charities in the world, because they rescue children. They clothe, feed, [...]

Backstage BYU: Cheer

Credits Producer, Director, Director of Photography, Editor, Colorist, Show-wide Post-Production Supervisor and Segment Producer Client: BYUtv Cheering is Hard Work! This was one of the first TV projects I worked on, and it was a fantastic way to get my feet wet. The entire show was comprised of 40 mini-documentaries about various people and departments [...]

Thanet’s Story

Credits Producer, Director, Director of Photography, Editor, Colorist Client: Jeunesse Global Taking Thailand By Storm

Voices of Entrata

Credits Director of Photography Director, Producer: Sarah Butler Client: Entrata Property Management Made Easy