Equipment Rentals

Here’s a list of equipment that I’ve used to create everything you see on this website. Let me know what gear you’d like to rent, or what kind of project you’re creating, and we’ll get you set up!

Audio Recording Booth

I have an acoustically treated voice over recording booth in my studio, which I’ve used to record for several clients including Intel, Samsung, Harley Davidson, Vivint, AirBnb, BYUtv, and many more.

I run this booth in partnership with Bytheway-May, a couple of insanely talented friends of mine who are remarkable composers and audio engineers. They’re my go-to for ALL production and post production audio.

We have several microphone options available, including the Shure SM7B, Rode NTG2, Sennheiser ME-66/K6, Blue Microphones Baby Bottle, and the Slate VMS with emulations for the FG-47, FG-M7, FG-800, FG-251, FG-800M, FG-269, FG-12, and FG-67, and more. If you’re looking for a specific microphone, just ask!